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To join our adventurous team you`ll have to prepare:

  1. Signed contract and admission documents 
  2. Personal belongings of the child:
  • a set of clothes
  • pajamas(there`s an option to bring your home sheets)
  • a pack of diapers (if the child still wears)
  • inside and outside shoes that are easy to put on & off/ rubber boots for playing in wet weather.
  • optional – you can bring favorite toys / home possessions (the presence of such connection between home and the new place will contribute to a more rapid adaptation of your child)
  • Water bottle(preferably reusable)
  • A `uniform` for eating

You`re welcome to join Growers` team at any time of the year in case of vacancies.

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  1. здравейте,
    бихте ли ми казали каква е таксата за целодневно и полудневно посещение?
    благодаря предварително!

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