Meet Growers

GROWERS is a private kindergarten/nursery in a constant process of progress, with a pro nature environment, home like atmosphere and an option for the parents to join their kids` social circle.
GROWERS is us – parents and teachers, as partners in caring for our children and helping them grow.
GROWERS are also the children growing daily like mushrooms and amusing us with their absorbing mind.
Raised in Growers, kids have the freedom to express themselves, to be self-sufficient and independent, they have joyful and remarkable childhood and are taught that they CAN achieve anything they want.
Help them grow as we:
  • discover and support kids` talents and personality
  • stimulate their unlimited potential for development and adoption of new knowledge and skills   
  • encourage their curiosity, creativity and artistic nature
  • teach them to appreciate and love nature and all living beings
  • teach through games and direct experience
  • have full respect for each child`s individuality and helpe it develop in its own temp, personal features and interests
  • give all our care through the most intense years of growth for the children


запознай се с нас

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