Grow and learn together!


 we discover and support each child`s talents and personality  

help kids grow and develop their qualities and uniqueness

 never forget to learn from them in turn

Learn & Have Fun

Classes are dynamic, structured and combined with a suitable musical background, so to affect the long-term memory. Apart from our group activities, we also initiate individual activities for each child and teach through games and experiencing something new every day. English language sessions are added in our daily program by playing games, reading poems, singing songs…

Art sessions

  • music
  • dance
  • cinema
  • theater
  • photography
  • drawing
  • modeling
  • designing and using a variety of methods and materials…

Create & Learn 

We often use natural materials or our own hand-made `recycle art`  inventions in the teaching process. Teachers encourage children to:

  • learn actively using all senses
  • discover through direct experience
  • transform and combine different materials
  • use tools suitable for their age


We ♥ & respect animals and plants, protect the environment & initiate agronomic sessions and hike days.

…& Create true friendships!


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  1. Привет,

    Имаме момченце на 1,5 месеца и бихме искали да го пуснем от есента на ясла.
    Ще имате ли свободни места?
    Кога е удобно да дойдем и да поговорим на място?

    Благодаря Ви!

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